I'm from openSUSE, we make 'Free Software' or Freedom software. We allow you to study our software, change it and give it away to anyone. We want to help people in countries with an oppressive government to protect their privacy, or people in poorer countries to earn a living and save money. For you, it is awesome too. Sharing is not piracy. It is not illegal, there is no risk for viruses or police. It cares for your privacy and it's simply good software, which is why many companies use it and work on it too. We have a free DVD, you can try it without installing and it comes with all the software you need for browsing or writing documents or playing games. Help make the world better, use Free Software! Specially for french people, Free software give you freedom, equality, fraternity (French republic devise: "Liberté", Egalité, Fraternité"). Key Points: - Free Software and freedom; safety and stability, price; complete, easy and good for the world.